Our Objectives

At our institute, we are dedicated to fostering the educational capacities of people from all walks of life, with a strong focus on supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship through technical and vocational training. Our objectives align with the broader aim of skill development in the country, which is geared towards achieving rapid and inclusive growth.

Here’s how we aim to make a difference:

  • Enhancing individuals’ employability and ability to adapt to changing technologies and labor market demands.
  • Improving productivity and living standards of the people.
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the country.
  • Attracting investment in skill development.
  • Working towards poor, nerdy, and rural development.
  • Supporting youth development and contributing to the reconstruction of the nation.
  • Organizing social functions, seminars, workshops, and personality development camps.
  • Providing assistance to needy students, scholars, artisans, and craftsmen to maintain tradition and skills.
  • Engaging in research and seminars to further knowledge and expertise.
  • Promoting classical and folk dances, local cultures traditions, arts, crafts, and music.
  • Raising awareness about social issues such as HIV/AIDS, population control, gender injustice, corruption, drug addiction, environmental coversation, child labor, literacy, and other contemporary issues.

At our institute, we strive to create a holistic learning environment that not only equips individuals with valuable skills but also empowers them to contribute meaningfully to society. Through our various initiatives and programs, we aim to address the diverse needs of our community and make a positive impact on individuals’ lives.